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Learning and Teaching Services

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Programming Resources, Professional Development and Support

Converting your face-to-face program to a virtual format?

Converting your face-to-face program to a virtual format? Learning and Teaching services has provided resources, trainings and tips for delivering inclusive and engaging virtual programs on our Learning and Teaching Services’ Virtual Program Delivery page.

Supporting Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching Services provides extension educators with support and resources on program design, development and improvement. We promote the adoption of industry-proven program development processes, quality standards, and cycles of improvement. Whether you are developing a small-group workshop or a statewide curriculum, we can provide you with tools, one-on-one support, and trainings grounded in research and evidence-based best practices.

Supporting Canvas

Learning and Teaching Services provides Canvas course administration services, one-on-one or group Canvas course development support, and Canvas training. Our goal is for you, and your online students, to have a successful online experience. Visit our Canvas page for more information.

Supporting Online Learning and Teaching

Online learning is experiencing rapid growth. In 2018, Canvas hosted almost 9,000 students. We’ll help you embrace online learning, understand it, and enjoy it. Extend your reach. Visit our Online Teaching Support page for more information.

Supporting Multimedia Development

Thanks to research in cognitive science, educational psychology, and the relatively new field of neuroandragogy, which studies the adult brain and its cognitive functions, we now know more about how learning occurs in the brain than ever before. This research has practical implications and is changing the way we think about and use PowerPoint and other common multimedia formats. Transitioning your PowerPoint to online? We’ll help ease the process with tools, resources and support. Visit our Presentation Development page for information and resources.